Microsoft Plans to Use the Ethereum Blockchain to Stop Piracy

According to a white paper, Microsoft intends to use the Ethereum blockchain to fight digital piracy.

The company is currently exploring a new system called Argus that it calls the "first public antipiracy system."

Microsoft described the design, implementation, and evaluation of the system on 11 pages.

Software giant Microsoft According to a report, the company is considering using the ethereum Blockchain to fight digital piracy. This will be done by relying upon the transparent and decentralized nature of the network. New paper released by the firm's Research Department.

Redmond-based company Argus is currently exploring a new concrete system, which Microsoft has called the "first public antipiracy system".

Microsoft, along with researchers from Alibaba China and Carnegie Mellon University, designed, implemented, and evaluated the new system.

Microsoft has announced that Argus will be run on a public Blockchain in order for digital piracy informers and others to remain anonymous, while still maintaining a level of transparency for the general public.

For example, reports filed to Argus will protect the identities of informers and allow the firm to track the source of pirated content.

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Blockchain is a type of public ledger in which each transaction is recorded once it has been authenticated.

Additionally, by optimizing multiple cryptographic operations, the cost of piracy reporting can be "reduced" to an equivalent cost to sending approximately 14 ETH-transfer transaction transactions, according to the company, contrary to the high transaction fees ethereum is well-known for.

The paper stated that "With the security of Argus and the practicality it offers, we hope the real-world antipiracy campaign will be truly successful by switching to a transparent incentive mechanism."

Microsoft's latest efforts highlight the challenges technology companies face in protecting intellectual property.