Blockchain Based Applications

Blockchain is an exciting powerful technology, holding great potential for transforming the way businesses are conducted and business workflows are carried out. At Errna, we know how to empower your business with the benefits of this breakthrough technology. Our blockchain technology experts will build you customized blockchain based applications that serve the complexities and needs of your business in the best possible way.

What Can We Do For You?

The scope with and within blockchain technology is endless. Let us help you discover and achieve the possibilities that you can realize for your own business.


Smart Contracts

A smart organization finalizes contracts in a smart way too. With our smart contract solutions for your business, you can automate, simplify and secure your business contracts. You’ll get great savings on your time and money.


Digital Tokens

Transferring the ownership of real-world assets like house, cars, licenses, rights, etc. has become much simpler and convenient with digital tokens. We can help you implement digital tokens in your enterprise to enable you conduct transparent and secure asset ownership transfers.

Diverse Blockchain

There are various models available for blockchain implementation, you can opt for public, private, or a mix of these both, for your business purpose. Our blockchain experts can build you your desired kind of blockchain network.


Blockchain Consulting

Do you have some specific issues or ideas related to blockchain solutions in your mind? Our blockchain consulting services invite you to discuss with us the same so that together we can work out a feasible solution for you.


We would love to help you!!

Tech Talk

Blockchain and It Has Nothing to Do With Cryptos European Governments Benefit

BY Amit Agrawal
The European Union has made it clear that its goal is to be a major player in the global tech scene, especially when it comes to Blockchain. On Friday, the bloc concluded its Blockchain Week. It was held in Slovenia. The week showcased how artific....

Microsoft Plans to Use the Ethereum Blockchain to Stop Piracy

BY Amit Agrawal
Software giant Microsoft According to a report, the company is considering using the ethereum Blockchain to fight digital piracy. This will be done by relying upon the transparent and decentralized nature of the network. New paper&nb....

Scientists Believe Blockchain Systems Could Qualify as Living Beings

BY Amit Agrawal
This may seem like an odd move, but the technological revolution in AI and digital currency, as well as automated infrastructure in the next years, could be just beyond our reach without a fundamental shift of scientific paradigms. Combining blo....

The Blockchain Climate Discussion Has Lost Sight Of The Centre

BY Ravindra T.
 Elon Musk, who had been a vocal critic of Bitcoin (BTC) in May, said that Tesla should stop accepting Bitcoin as payment for its electric vehicles. These events have sparked a lot of discussion both within and outside of the blockchain com....

Supply Chain Fraud and Food Insecurity Tackled by Blockchain

BY Amit Agrawal
Envisible, a supply company, uses blockchain technology to track and detect its products from sea to store. It also helps to combat fraud in the seafood industry. Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger tech, allows anyone in a network to h....

How Can Blockchain Technology Shape the Future of Earth

BY Ravindra T.
This groundbreaking technology can also help to shape the future of our planet. But this is often what people overlook. Blockchain technology can be used in many ways to address environmental problems on a global level. How Blockchain Could....

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