Blockchain Based Applications

Blockchain is an exciting powerful technology, holding great potential for transforming the way businesses are conducted and business workflows are carried out. At Errna, we know how to empower your business with the benefits of this breakthrough technology. Our blockchain technology experts will build you customized blockchain based applications that serve the complexities and needs of your business in the best possible way.

What Can We Do For You?

The scope with and within blockchain technology is endless. Let us help you discover and achieve the possibilities that you can realize for your own business.


Smart Contracts

A smart organization finalizes contracts in a smart way too. With our smart contract solutions for your business, you can automate, simplify and secure your business contracts. You’ll get great savings on your time and money.


Digital Tokens

Transferring the ownership of real-world assets like house, cars, licenses, rights, etc. has become much simpler and convenient with digital tokens. We can help you implement digital tokens in your enterprise to enable you conduct transparent and secure asset ownership transfers.

Diverse Blockchain

There are various models available for blockchain implementation, you can opt for public, private, or a mix of these both, for your business purpose. Our blockchain experts can build you your desired kind of blockchain network.


Blockchain Consulting

Do you have some specific issues or ideas related to blockchain solutions in your mind? Our blockchain consulting services invite you to discuss with us the same so that together we can work out a feasible solution for you.


We would love to help you!!

Tech Talk

Mastercard Invests Heavily in Crypto by Buying the Blockchain Analytics Startup CipherTrace

BY Ravindra T.
Thursday's announcement by the payments giant was that it had entered into an agreement with CipherTrace to purchase it for an undisclosed sum. CipherTrace, a California-based company, develops tools to help law enforcement and businesses iden....

Launch of a Blockchain-based App to Ease Pandemic Travel

BY Amit Agrawal
 It adapts to any country's rules and allows users to instantly check their COVID-19 compliance status from anywhere. ICC AOKpass was also tested by a few companies, including International SOS and Energy Drilling in Singapore. Crew me....

Blockchain Can Help Combat Disinformation

BY Ravindra T.
Patently false claims about topics such as the pandemic, racial demonstrations, and California wildfires have been virtualized with astonishing speed and reach. Adding fuel to the fire is the emergence of deepfakes: highly convincing (yet totall....

How Do You Convert Digital Art Into NFT Tokens and Then Sell Them?

BY Josh
These digital arts are available on all platforms. Technology can make anything better. Digital arts are no exception. One can turn their art into assets with a little bit of technology and make a lot of money. NFT is a digital ....

Blockchain Adds Trust to AI/IoT

BY Amit Agrawal
I had back pain during my last checkup. With the advice of the AI Doc, my doctor prescribed Big Pharma's back-pain relief capsules. My blood pressure has been trending higher in the last year. The AI Doc advised my doctor to prescribe Big Pharma's ....

IT Min Recommends Blockchain Use in Public Programs

BY Amit Agrawal
The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has created a draft framework to allow the use of Blockchain technology in government services. It intends to use it for property record keeping and digital certificates, power distribution and....

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