ICO Services – the Errna ICO calendar

Errna keeps a real-time list of upcoming ICOs, tokens, and crypto-technologies. Feel free and easy to submit your token to our calendar.

What we need from you

Email us the required information (see below) about your token. We manually review all submissions for credibility &
professionalism. You’ll hear back from us within 10 business days.

Basic Info

  • Project name
  • Logo (transparent and 219×219 size)
  • Project description
  • Industry
  • Website
  • link to your white paper
  • Token name and ticker symbol
  • Blockchain used (e.g. Ethereum, Omni, proprietary)
  • Total supply of tokens
  • Business location
  • Team members

ICO Information

  • ICO begin date and GMT time
  • ICO end date and GMT time
  • ICO target funding amount
  • Total amount raised so far
  • Bonuses

Our Review Process

We’ll use the above information to verify the project and check the credibility of your project. We review all submissions by hand. We will not review incomplete applications, so please provide all the required information.

Please make sure your white paper and website are complete before submitting to Errna’s ICO calendar, so we have something substantive to review. We will decline submissions where the white paper and/or website is vague.

We’ll also verify the identity of your project’s team members on social media and in the crypto community. In addition, Errna reserves the right to delist any token from its calendar at any time.


We would love to help you!!

Tech Talk

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Microsoft Plans to Use the Ethereum Blockchain to Stop Piracy

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Software giant Microsoft According to a report, the company is considering using the ethereum Blockchain to fight digital piracy. This will be done by relying upon the transparent and decentralized nature of the network. New paper&nb....

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