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Have you been thinking about launching your own ICO? Stop thinking and start doing! We can offer you the complete design, developmental and infrastructural support for your new ICO. Let’s get started soon!

What Does ICO Mean?

Combine the principles of crowdfunding with cryptocurrency, and what you get is ICO, or Initial Coin Offering. It is a fund-raising mechanism that start-ups with new cryptocurrency ideas, ventures and initiatives often use. The firm setting up the ICO asks for investment in the form of legal tender or cryptocurrencies to support their new cryptocurrency business. In return, the investors are offered with a certain percentage amount of the new cryptocurrency. The new cryptocurrency units that are sold to the investors are called ‘tokens’. The process is close to how a company’s shares are sold in an Initial Public Offering.


What Our ICO Solutions and Services Offer To You?



Security is an integral part of everything that we do, whether it’s our exchange platform or crowd-funding setup for ICO. You can count on our stringent security measures to ensure protection for your ICO project.



ICO crowd-funding initiatives usually last a couple of weeks. But Errna gives you the option to enable trading for your cryptocurrency units even after your venture has successfully launched. We do so by offering customized cryptocurrency exchange platform development services. We will help you take your cryptocurrency project one step ahead, from ICO to an exchange that works for your business project.



The thing about ICO is that its funding needs to be kept simple for all types of investors, tech-savvy and non tech-savvy. An ICO that has over-complicated funding process can drive away a big chunk of investors who are not so technology-friendly. Errna offers an ICO system that accepts funding from multiple currencies and via an extensive range of platforms.

Our Main Features



The fact that ICOs are a repository for lots of money often draws interest from hackers. Errna’s ICO makes it difficult for hackers to get in and have access to the investors’ funds. This is done by asking the investors to create separate accounts with their respective funding addresses. Unlike in centralized funding address where a hacker can access all funds at once, in case of individual addresses a hacker can’t siphon all the money off.



Errna offers multiple funding options to the investors, via fiat currencies like USD and Euro as well as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, etc. These diverse currency funding options are provided to ensure payment convenience for the investors.



Errna keeps your ICO smart with smart contracts. Errna allows thorough management of your ICO tokens using smart contracts that are personalized to your project needs. We can help you develop smart contracts that handle important aspects like the creation and distribution of tokens, exchange rate between the tokens and the currencies, and payouts of dividends.


To conduct their ICO related transactions, investors are required to use their sensitive information of private wallet key. Using this key, investors send and receive the ICO tokens. Losing this important information also means losing all the ICO tokens. To protect against such a scenario, Errna facilitates personal accounts for all the investors, where each of the investor has unique login credentials and funding address. Even if an investor loses his private wallet key, they’ll still be able to recover their ICO tokens.



An attractive landing page for your ICO is important in getting your prospective investors reach the final affirmative decision of investing in your ICO. The page needs to look credible and interesting. Errna has design experts who work out intuitive and captivating landing page designs for ICO.



From hosting to fund management, everything is simple with Errna. You can leave all the administrative management of your ICO tokens sale to us. Use our platform’s admin panel to keep track of the funds in your ICO.



If you live in a country where cryptocurrencies are regulated by the government, then you have an additional responsibility with your ICO, that is to enforce “Know Your Customer” (KYC) verification protocol. Errna ICO system allows integration of KYC processes, after which your customers will be required to provide authentication of their identities by uploading identity documents as proofs.


ICO Pricing

Errna offers 2 ICO Packages. A standard package and an advanced package.

Contact Us
Standard ICO Package 46918 $
  • Token Creation

  • Token Distribution

  • Hosting and Administration

  • ICO Landing Page

  • KYC Implementation

  • Chat and Email Support

  • 12h Response Time from Support

Advanced ICO Package Price on Request
  • Token Creation

  • Token Distribution

  • Hosting and Administration

  • ICO Landing Page

  • KYC Implementation

  • Phone, Chat and Email Support

  • 6h Response Time from Support

  • Custom Token Rules

  • Multi-Sig Wallets

  • Multi-Currency Funding

  • Multi-Currency Payment Processing

  • Exchange Trading


ICO Services – the Errna ICO calendar

Errna keeps a real-time list of upcoming ICOs, tokens, and crypto-technologies. Feel free and easy to submit your token to our calendar.

What we need from you

Email us the required information (see below) about your token. We manually review all submissions for credibility &
professionalism. You’ll hear back from us within 10 business days.

Basic Info

  • Project name
  • Logo (transparent and 219×219 size)
  • Project description
  • Industry
  • Website
  • link to your white paper
  • Token name and ticker symbol
  • Blockchain used (e.g. Ethereum, Omni, proprietary)
  • Total supply of tokens
  • Business location
  • Team members

ICO Information

  • ICO begin date and GMT time
  • ICO end date and GMT time
  • ICO target funding amount
  • Total amount raised so far
  • Bonuses

Our Review Process

We’ll use the above information to verify the project and check the credibility of your project. We review all submissions by hand. We will not review incomplete applications, so please provide all the required information.

Please make sure your white paper and website are complete before submitting to Errna’s ICO calendar, so we have something substantive to review. We will decline submissions where the white paper and/or website is vague.

We’ll also verify the identity of your project’s team members on social media and in the crypto community. In addition, Errna reserves the right to delist any token from its calendar at any time.


We would love to help you!!

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