Financial Institutions Can Now Use Public Blockchains

Blockchain is not a network. It is an ecosystem. It is a group that agrees to validate digital transactions and safeguard the ledger. Blockchain is a distributed infrastructure that can be accessed by anyone at any time. Users can also use it on their own.

You will need to create a new private or public blockchain. All participants must trust the owners and the consensus mechanism. Private blockchains can be compared to intranets. Public blockchains are the new Internet of Value.

Public blockchains can be frightening for financial institutions because they are used to managing and protecting their own infrastructure. We need to realize that a blockchain is more secure than any central server. Tokeny was created almost four years ago to provide a decentralized system that allows our users to enjoy the best of both worlds. The security and interoperability between public and private blockchains.

We made public blockchains available for financial institutions.

  • Control: If it is sufficiently decentralized, you don’t need to manage the nodes on the blockchain. You can instead control your token smart contract. This is possible through the T-REX protocol. The tokens contain rules and you can execute actions on them at any time, even if you don't have them in your wallet.
  • Conformity: ONCHAINID allows you to pseudonymously identify all of your stakeholders on the blockchain. To ensure compliance, you can encode transfer rules, grant permissions, and manage authorizations in the most convenient way possible.
  • Security: Public networks such as Ethereum have been secure and decentralized for years without any incidents. This is according to the majority of regulators, financial institutions, and service providers.
  • Gas prices: Public blockchains can be ordered, but you will need to pay for it. You will need to have some crypto-tokens in order to do this. However, the transaction price is dependent on many factors you can't control. You don't have to keep crypto in your wallet with our Gas Tank feature. We even pay your gas fees on Polygon!
  • Privacy: Blockchain data can be viewed as pseudonyms. You can see addresses but not names. Our identity system ONCHAINID allows you to easily change your wallets without losing any assets. This makes it harder to trace your identity. Investors want more transparency. They want proof of the total supply. They want to know if there have been any movements. It is especially important when reaching a global audience.

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