Why Blockchain is Today's Most Growing Technology

Online certification in blockchain development

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The days of blockchain being a trendy new trend are long gone. Blockchain is now used to power everything, from cryptocurrency (of course) to app stores, logistics, and security, as well as many other areas. It is here to stay.

This is a great thing for smart entrepreneurs. Blockchain has many applications. There is a place for everyone. Why not learn more about it? It's possible with the BlockchainBootcamp Certification Bundle. Use promo code VIP40 to get $297 off your purchase.

This 3-course bundle by ITU Online aims at getting you certified for 2 of the top blockchain titles: Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect and Certified Blockchain Developer (CBSA). Since 2012, ITU Online has provided online IT training content for more than 650,000 people, 200 companies, and 50 public entities. They have won numerous industry awards including Best in Biz, Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, and many others.

The courses will introduce you to enterprise blockchain applications at the beginning. Learn the basics of blockchain technology, how it works, where it is used, compare the different enterprise blockchains, as well as explore blockchains-as-a-service (BaaS), such as AWS, Azure, and IBM.

You'll then be able to dive into the certification courses. The CBSA course will teach you the components, terminology, and ledgers behind the blockchain. It's changing the way governments and businesses create efficiency. Learn about some of the uses of blockchain and the resources that you will need to build your own.

The CBDH course will help you plan and prepare production-ready Hyperledger applications. Learn how to quickly build Hyperledger applications using Hyperledger Composer.

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Learn about one of the most innovative technologies in the world. Use promo code VIP40 to get the BlockchainBootcamp Certification Training Bundle for only $11.99