Tomorrow You Can Get a DC X Palm NFT for Free. Learn More About Digital Tokens

DC fans can receive a rare Batman NFT free of charge. What are NFTs? We'll explain.

NFTs are changing rapidly, but what exactly is it? Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) can be linked to video highlights, memes, and tweets. These tokens can be compared to expensive digital assets.

 It could (or might not) make you a lot more in the future. (Learn more below). While NFTs look a lot like cryptocurrency, there are some major differences. It's complicated.

Here are the facts. An NFT can be bought for quite a bit (most of them are very expensive). However, this doesn't necessarily mean you have the asset. NFTs are a blockchain-generated certificate of authenticity that can be used to authenticate digital assets or works of art. They are available everywhere, from Variety to the NFL. DC will even give free NFTs tomorrow (more details below).

If you don't understand this, you're fine.

What is an NFT?

This part requires a little bit of open-mindedness. An NFT is a digital token that is unique. Most NFT users use the Ethereum blockchain to record transactions. Because it is not a cryptocurrency, like Ethereum or Bitcoin, it can be exchanged for cash or another Bitcoin. The NFTs are just like cryptocurrency and are also recorded in a digital ledger. Each one is listed.

The digital asset that is tied to an NFT token makes it unique. It can be an image or video, a tweet, or a piece of music uploaded to a marketplace. This allows the NFT to become available for sale.

What type of NFTs are available?

Any digital asset can be linked to NFTs. Any digital asset can be an NFT, including music, social media posts, and clip art. These are the most recent NFTs that we have found.

Free DC x Palm NFTs

New and existing DC fans who register for FanDome will be eligible to receive a free NFT starting tomorrow. A second one is free for sharing on social media. NFTs will include three levels of DC superhero covers: Wonder Woman, Batman, and Harley Quinn. It takes only a few minutes to sign up for FanDome. DC will use the Palm Blockchain.

TikTok Moments

TikTok Moments, a new video collection from the company, is the latest news in NFTs. These videos will highlight the positive impact artists have on TikTok. The collection's proceeds will be donated to NFT creators and artists. The first collection, featuring Lil Nas X, will be available on the Etherum starting October 6.


Fortune offered its readers the chance to join the NFT craze. Pplpleasr, a graphic artist for Fortune's August/September issue on OpenSea, sold 256 copies. Within five minutes, the copies were gone. The cost was 1 Etherum (estimated $3,000). The NFTs, however, we're available for resale at a three-fold higher price.

Sorare digital trading cards

But NFTs extend beyond music and artists. Sorare recently released its "Super Rare" Lionel Messi digital trade card. It's currently up for bidding at EUR29.992.75, which is equivalent to more than $35,000. Sorare announced it had raised $680 million to fund its next-level sports fantasy games. SoftBank is currently leading the funding.

Tiger Woods' Autograph collectibles

Tiger Woods currently sells thousands of digital collectibles via Autograph on DraftKings. The collection starts at $250 The collection is also available digitally on Autograph, which was co-founded and founded by Tom Brady.

Expect more digital assets to be offered for sale as NFTs become more popular. This will bring in a lot of money.

Where can I purchase and sell NFTs?

Although you might not be able to bid six figures right away, there are many NFT marketplaces available. Opensea is the largest. Buyers have the option to search for art, domain names, and other collectibles to place bids on without breaking the bank. Woods' digital collection is just one of many NFT collections on DraftKings, which includes Tony Hawk, Simone Biles, and other athletes.

Christie's has recently sold Curio Cards, a collection of 31 NFTs for $1.2 Million. Christie's pointed to the fact that Curio Cards are among the oldest pieces on the Etherum. On Oct. 1, the auctioneer sold the collection, Post-War to Present - The NFTs.

You can also sell NFTs of your artwork using NFTify, the Shopify NFT shop. To get started, you will also need to have a MetaMask Account. Burberry announced a partnership agreement with Mythical Games in order to make it easier for people to buy, sell and collect toys through the Blankos Block Partie game. Chris Parker, CNET's resident NFT expert, also provided a step-by-step guide to how to create and sell your NFT in the video below.

Do I own an NFT if I have one?


This is the key to understanding the entire concept. The NFT is not owned by the person who bought it.

Jeffrey Thompson, an associate professor at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey, stated that NFTs challenge the notion of ownership. Digital files can be reproduced in infinite numbers and you don't (usually) need to buy copyright or license when buying an NFT.

The creator of Nyan Cat sold an NFT copy for $590,000. While the token is owned by the person who purchased it, the meme doesn't belong to them. It still belongs to the creator who retained intellectual and creative rights.

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The token owner has a record and hash code that show ownership of the token. Although Nyan Cat can be downloaded and shared on social media, the token will not be theirs. They can't also sell the token like the owner.

Why is NFT so expensive?

There is a market for NFTs, just like physical collectibles like Beanie Babies and baseball cards. Most buyers are tech-savvy people who are familiar with the concept of digital goods. They have likely made a lot of money this year using cryptocurrencies. Ethereum went from a little over $100 in March to an average price of $3,400 today. Some buyers may just be flexing their digital wallets in order to show how much crypto they have. But for others, there is a deeper interest.

Jason Lau, chief operating office of OKCoin crypto exchange, stated in an email that there has been a surge in demand for art-related NFTs because of the novelty and creativity of early artists. This new medium allows collectors and artists to explore the relationship they have with artwork, regardless of whether it is a physical work that has an attached NFT (think about it as a digital signature and proof of veracity), and an entirely digital one (where the NFT represents the art).

Lau says that it's great for artists. Artists can start monetizing their work by selling digital art directly to interested parties without the need to sell it through a gallery.

What are some of the pitfalls associated with NFTs?

The cost of creating an NFT is expensive, with fees running into the hundreds. You will need Ethereum to make your token on the Ethereum blockchain. This is a costly option. After you have made an NFT, there is a "gas fee" that covers the cost of the transaction. It's also based upon the price of Ethereum. Marketplaces make it easier by taking care of everything and charging a fee for each NFT sold.

There is also an environmental cost. Ethereum, like Bitcoin, requires computers to perform computations. These computer tasks, called "mining", require a lot more energy. Cambridge University's analysis found that Bitcoin mining consumed more energy than Argentina. Ethereum is second in popularity to Bitcoin, and its power consumption has been on the rise. It is comparable to Libya's energy use.