What is the Effect of DAOs on Blockchain Network in 2022

Imagine collaborating with people all around the globe without knowing their identities, making your own rules, and making your judgments, all while using Blockchain solutions. DAOs on the other hand, help to make this possible.

DAO is an acronym that stands for Digital Autonomous Organization. It's not just a buzzword in cryptocurrency. DAO is a decentralized organization with no central leadership. It is a virtual entity that uses Blockchain Technology for its decision-making and treasury management. Each DAO is preceded by relevant open-source code. This makes the firm's management structure transparent and more accessible.

What's the purpose of a DAO, and how can it help?

Most mainstream businesses remain centralized. This implies that there is no top-down governing body. Organizational changes that impact all employees/units of the company are not transparent. The consensus is ignored and money is not properly allocated or defined. Only a few people have control of the relevant processes.

DAO is a web-based, blockchain-based corporation that has many advantages over traditional business models. We could write a whitepaper detailing all the benefits. However, these two points will help you to better understand the concept.

What makes DAOs so special?

Blockchains effectively record financial transactions and regulations for a DAO. Smart contracts eliminate the need for third parties in financial transactions, which allows them to move more quickly. A smart contract determines the strength of a DAO.

The organization's storage is held by the smart contract. It also acts as a representation of the organization's regulations. DAOs can be made transparent and publicly accessible with Blockchain development solutions. This means that no one can alter the rules without others being notified. We are comfortable with organizations that have legal recognition. However, a DAO can also be formed as a general partnership. It can still function very well.

Types of DAOs

DAO can be used to refer to many businesses and organizations. They are both DAOs, despite the differences between the two collectives.

Here are some well-known DAO examples.

  • PleasrDAO is an investor in other assets that collects NFTs.

  • The HerStory DAO, a non-profit organization that supports projects by Black women and other non-binary artists, is called "Herstory".

  • The Komorebi Collective DAO offers funding to female and nonbinary crypto entrepreneurs.

  • Benefits of Friendship DAO, a private social club, requires that you pay a fee.

  • MetaCartel Venture DAO, a for-profit firm that invests in early-stage decentralized applications, is called a for-profit company.


DAOs have a greater democratic potential than traditional corporations. All members must vote on any modifications to a DAO, and not just one party (according to the enterprise system).

What is the working principle of DAOs?

Understanding the technology behind DAOs is essential to understand them. The majority of DAOs use smart contracts and blockchain solutions.

Blockchain is a digital ledger that can be decentralized. Blockchains are best known for publically documenting transactions involving cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and digital assets like NFTs. However, they can also serve many other purposes. The blockchain can be used as a backbone to DAOs and maintain the structure and regulations of each on-chain.

In traditional organizations, there is usually a hierarchy. A formal board of directors, executive, or higher management decides the structure. They can also make changes.

DAOs are growing

DAOs are the best business model, both equitable and comprehensive, ever created. DAOs strengthen both traditional centralized businesses and blockchain projects' weaknesses. The former are more vulnerable to central points, middlemen, and conflicting stakeholder interests.

True DAOs have one goal to protect: the company's interests. It doesn't require employees or executive management. This allows it to provide a service with no regard for profits, salaries, or middlemen. Businesses might only need to pay their operating expenses.

DAOs will benefit from the availability of artificial intelligence, which is more readily available than blockchain solutions. DAOs will soon be able to pre-program AI-based DAOs to take into account the opinions of millions of stakeholders. DAOs may not be fully autonomous in the near future, but savvy organizations might already recognize areas that require excessive inputs before they implement DAO-component technologies to simplify processes and reduce the risk of businesses collapsing.

DAOs can have a profound impact on the way businesses operate, as both a concept as well as a technology. Digital Autonomous Organizations like Errna have the potential to change the way businesses operate, just like other crypto use cases. However, individuals must spend time learning about the concept. DAO can be used as a channel, a social networking platform, a trading platform (Automated Market Makers), or anything in between. This is just an illustration of a larger, more physical concept that has evolved into a large decentralized corporation.

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